My name is Gwyn and I am a beadaholic. I have a “thing” about colour, which is what started my addiction in the first place. I simply had to have the exact colour accessories to match an outfit and I couldn’t find any beads to go with it. So I bought some beads and made my own and thus my addiction started. I loved working with the beads, particularly getting the colours right to my satisfactiion. Well things got out of hand and the results you see here. In my opinion beads and accessories are so important and add an extra dimension to any outfit. My great pleasure is sourcing my beads which I do from many avenues. I don’t pretend these items are anything other than costume jewellery.

Many people forget that jewellery needs an occasional clean. A quick wash in biological detergent and a good rinse will keep your items fresh and sparkly. Don’t forget to dry each piece well and never wear your jewellery whilst bathing or showering.

I am always happy to alter lengths, change fastenings and carry out repairs. So please contact me if I can be of help.